Raised Dog Bowl Stands Advice

Benefits of Raised Dog Bowl Stands / Elevated Pet Feeders

The undisputed benefit of owning a raised feeding station is that it keeps your pets feeding area tidier and if you purchase one of our wooden dog feeders it can even enhance the look of your room. Our dog bowl stands come with rubber feet to prevent slippage and deters dogs that push bowls from one side of the kitchen to the other from doing so.

The Formica laminate that we use on our feeders ensures a tough scratch and water resistant surface which is easy for pet owners to wipe clean and therefore hygienic. It is designed to be used in kitchen and bathroom areas and so is impervious to water. It will also not fade, crack or flake over time like paint or varnish can do.

It conforms to the Greenguard Gold certification scheme for low emissions. See https://spot.ul.com/

Raising dog bowls off the floor can help dogs that have conditions or injuries to their necks or spines which make it difficult to eat off the floor. Also older dogs may benefit from reduced pressure on joints and bones.

There have been concerns from past studies over whether raised dog feeders can cause bloat in larger breeds. This is a very serious condition where gas build-up and or blockages can combine to become fatal if left untreated. Subsequent studies have not been as conclusive and the original was not randomized. BUT please contact your vet if you have any concerns regarding whether your dog would be suitable to use a raised feeder and use the advice below when choosing the correct size and height for your pet.

What is the Correct Size for my Dog

As we know dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes so there is general advice we can give you which will ensure your furry friend is comfortable when eating from a raised dog bowl stand.

Your dog or cat bowls should still be at a height where your pet is eating downwards and be able to reach the bottom of the bowl without needing to twist or stretch which could result in injury which is what we want to avoid.

With this in mind measure to the top of your dogs front legs and use this as the height most dog breeds need the bowls to be elevated. Some breeds with longer necks may want a few centimetres more but generally we recommend the dog bowl stand is lower if you are in doubt. Again please ask advice from a vet if you have concerns.

Bowl size wise our small pet feeders are designed for cats and toy dog breeds, medium for terriers etc up to 25 -30lbs, large for breeds such as labradors etc up to 50-60lbs and x-large for any larger breeds. We also make Wall Mounted Dog Feeders for the largest dog breeds.

You're always better to go for a larger bowl if in doubt as the less filled they are the less mess is likely! :)

We handmake all of our raised dog bowl stands to order so we can make yours to the exact height you and your dog (or cat) require. We can increase the height from the standard listed height by 5 cm's or decrease as much as you need for no additional cost (just leave us a note when you checkout). If you need a different height or have a sizing question pleased drop us an email and we will be very happy to help you in any way we can.