What Makes Our Raised Dog Bowl Stands and Cat Feeders Different and Why You Need One in Your Life

All of our products including our raised dog bowl stands and cat feeders have been designed by ourselves and are made by Lola and Brownie. We want to offer you and your pet a very personal bespoke service and will give quality control to every product we make.

We use Formica laminates on all of our pet products. Formica is the perfect surface to use on a dog bowl stand which is used every day and will have water and food spilled on to it regularly. Formica is superior to painted or varnished wood because it offers:

1. Impressive toughness. All Formica laminates are highly resistant to stains, impact and scratches – making them ideal for busy areas or high-touch surfaces such as kitchen work surfaces and pet feeders.

2. Long-lasting performance and beauty. Formica laminates can be installed with the confidence that they will maintain their quality and aesthetic appeal for many years to come offering a long life-cycle. They can't flake, warp or crack.

3. Inherent hygiene. All Formica laminates are inert, so they don’t promote bacterial growth. You don’t have to worry about specialist cleaning materials, either. Warm, soapy water is all you need to keep your laminates in perfect condition.

4. Moisture resistance. The surfaces of Formica laminates are non porous. This means you don't need to worry about standing water sitting on your dog bowl stand degenerating through use. You can use household cleaners on it and if you worry about water marks in hard water areas you can rub vinegar on the surface and it will not harm the feeders surface.

Formica laminates are not made from plastic. As they say on their website:
To make our renowned Formica® Laminate, kraft paper, which forms the core of the material is impregnated with resin and pressed together at high pressure and temperature with a resin impregnated “décor” paper, which not only gives it the colour and surface aesthetic but gives it a high resistance to wear, impact, heat and staining.


We apply multiple layers of beeswax to the wooden trim to bring out the colour and character of the wood. This completely seals the wood for many years and will not crack or degenerate. We recommend annually rubbing a bar of beeswax over the wood and buffing with a dry cloth to maintain the shine. 

Single X-Large Raised Dog Bowl Stand in Powder Blue

   Additional Features of our Raised Dog Bowl Stands and Cat Feeders

Some of our furry doggy friends get a little over excited at mealtimes as we know. Slow feeder dog bowls are one answer to this problem and we can incorporate a stainless steel slow feeder bowl into your raised dog bowl stand at your request. We only stock a small number of these bowls and we need to use bowls we know the exact diameter of and which include a lip to fit snuggly into the dog bowl stand. 

We will produce a custom order for you at your request to include a slow feeder dog bowl. There will be a small additional charge for the slow feeder bowl but email us at:


and we will be happy to discuss any requirements and give you all the information you need.

Cat Whisker Fatigue is being discussed online frequently and is something we have been recently made aware of. If you are a cat owner wanting to find elevated cat bowls that can prevent this then we can incorporate wider shallower bowls at your request. Our 14 cm small pet feeder bowls should be fine for most cats but we will happily customise a feeder for you if requested.

Why it is Worth Spending a Little Extra on Your Pet

Our raised dog bowl stands and cat feeders are designed and produced to come fully assembled to you with no screws, nails or missing bits to worry about. They will not rattle or look flimsy. We make them to last a long time whilst being used multiple times a day 365 days of the year. 

When it is delivered to your door you just take it out of the box, place it in your pets dining area, fill the bowls and we guarantee your heart will swell with pride when your furry friend lets you know how much they love it!!! :) (If at this point you want to send us a photo of your pet and write us a glowing review then don't hold back - go for it!! :)

We are proud of our products (which we started producing in 2013) and the way they can enhance your pets life and your home. We don't do mass produced, we want to stay small so that you can think of it as buying a custom handmade pet product which we are making personally for you and your pet - with love!

Lola and Brownie

 Customer with Cherry Wood Dog Bowl Stand

 Wall Mounted Dog Feeder in White Lola and Daisy Customer

 Lola and Daisy